Let's Stay Together


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Let’s Stay Together

Journey’s End, Book 4

Five sexy brothers. One small town. Journey's End.

Now a passionate and committed couple, James Harper and Miranda Lowe see nothing but blue skies ahead.

Until her ex-husband unexpectedly arrives.

And brings his jealousy with him.

In the mood for a sexy small-town contemporary romance? Read Let’s Stay Together today!

NOTE: This 130-page novella picks up where A Journey's End leaves off!

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“Meant to call,” Miranda's ex said easily, with all the sincerity of a wolf slipping his clawed feet into a sheep’s costume before zipping it up and slipping the mask over his head. “Sorry about that.”

He stepped over the threshold and shut the door, but not before James caught a glimpse of his sick ride, a new Porsche SUV, in the driveway. After a sweeping glance that encompassed Miranda’s messy ponytail, flushed face and accidental red mark—probably from James’s morning stubble—on her neck, the guy’s expression darkened.

He looked James dead in the face.

That’s right, asshole, James thought, unsmiling as he worked on keeping a triumphant gleam out of his expression. You had your chance with her. You blew it by cheating on her. She’s mine now. You’re not getting her back.

The ex stuck out a hand.

“Griffin Lowe,” he said.

Griffin Freaking Lowe, James thought sourly, shaking hands and doing his poor best not to despise the guy on sight.

Hereinafter Griffin F. Lowe for short. GFL.

Aware of Miranda’s anxious gaze on the side of his face, James nodded and tried to keep it pleasant, although a smile was as out of reach as the dark side of the moon.

“James Harper.” He paused. “Miranda’s boyfriend.”

GFL nodded, his lips thinning.