Hope Springs Eternal

Hoping to do 10 pages today. Of course, I'm also hoping to win the lotto and lose ten pounds while eating cake every night …


Whew! The hound and I got caught in a downpour on our walk. Sadly, this isn't the first time I've let my optimism override the clouds above.

Writing is Hard!

Five pages today! And I fought for every word, let me tell you. This is why I normally write every weekday–starting up again is WAY hard!

Redemption’s Touch!

And the title for Dawson's Story, my 6/11 Harlequin Kimani Romance … drumroll please … REDEMPTION'S TOUCH! My editor came up with it!


Haven't written any new material in oh, say, 3 months-ish. What is this thing called plot? Plan to use my voice recognition software…