AC: Today I’m welcoming my sorority sister and great friend Gwyneth Bolton back to the blog.Hey, Gwen! You’ve written about Lawrence and Minerva’s bumpy road to love in your latest Kimani Press release, The Law of Desire, right? Can you tell us a little about their story?

GB: Hmmm… I think the blurb really says it best. Here it is:


Decorated police detective Lawrence Hightower's instincts click into high gear when a beautiful but suspicious stranger appears in his stakeout zone. Soon he realizes Minerva Jones is in danger and needs protection. He can't trust her. But he can't get this tough, feisty, stubborn siren out of his head.

Desperate to keep a low profile, the last thing Minerva needs is a sexy cop getting too close for comfort. Not that she's guilty of anything, except her own intense attraction to the too fine detective. But she's got a few secrets, and trouble is closing in. Dare she surrender to the promise this sensual hero holds in his strong, protective embrace?

AC: Well … enough about you, Gwen. *VBG* I’m really more interested in hearing from the guests you brought with you today, police detective Laurence Hightower and his, ah, special friend, Minerva Jones. I have five questions for the happy couple. Who, by the way, and just for the information of the people at home, are twined around each other on my sofa like conjoined octopuses (octopi?).

Number one: What are your plans for today, once you leave here?

The two of them give each other sly looks.

AC: Okay. Dumb question. What else are you going to do once you leave here?

Lawrence clears his throat. Minerva has a smile on her face, a very content smile.

AC: *Waits patiently while discreetly checking watch*

Lawrence: We’ll probably just go hang out at home. Minerva’s back in school and really busy these days. So maybe I’ll help her out with her lessons.

Minerva: *winks* Yes. I need lots of help. He’s so-oo helpful. That’s what I love about him. I learn so much from him.

AC: Number two: Lawrence, what first attracted you to Minerva? Other than the obvious, of course. Minerva, what about you?

Minerva: Oh brother, why did you ask him that? He was so-oo not attracted to me in the beginning! He was all suspicious and watching me like a hawk.

AC: Yeah. I kind of noticed that.

Minerva: I should have reported him for abuse of power or something. Plus, he wasn’t even attracted to me because I wasn’t his type.

Lawrence: Hey, I had reasonable cause to watch you. You were hanging out with known felons–

Minerva: Yeah, yeah, yeah… Anyway, I’ll answer that question. Oddly enough it was his intensity that attracted me to him from the very first moment I met him. He was so intense. His gaze. His stance. His everything… He was just searing and he had me scorched from the first moment he sat down across from me and hit me with that intense ex-ray stare of his.

AC: Intensity. Works for me.

Lawrence: For me it was something about her that kept me puzzled and had me trying to figure her out. She seemed like a walking contradiction, innocent and guilty at the same time, sweet and sassy… I couldn’t figure her out. And I couldn’t figure out why I was so attracted to her. But I was extremely attracted to her from the first moment I set eyes on her.

AC: Lawrence, when did you know that Minerva was “the one?” Was there a single moment of clarity? Minerva?

They both start laughing and answer at the same time.

Lawrence: When I tasted her food.

AC: Oh, come on.

Minerva: He knew I was the one when I cooked for him.

Lawrence: Honestly, I think I knew from the first time I saw her. I wasn’t ready to admit it, but I knew it.

Minerva: Yeah. What he said.

Lawrence: You can’t say what I said.

AC: *Rolls eyes*

Minerva: Why not. It works for me. I like that answer. Ditto. The first time I saw you I knew you were the one. I knew it and was willing to admit it way before you were. So, I should totally be able to take this answer too.

AC: I’m going to jump in here before you two really get going.

Question three: Was there ever a moment when the two of you were so discouraged you were tempted to give up? Because Minerva, you weren’t always entirely honest with Lawrence, were you? You carried a fair amount of baggage…

Minerva: Dang, Ann. You’re kinda hardcore with the questions.

AC: I do try.

Minerva: Gwyneth didn’t tell me you were gonna be putting me on front street like that. Wow. I mean. I know I had some things that needed working out, but I don’t know that I would call it baggage.

AC: Baggage is putting it nicely. Let’s keep it real.

Lawrence: Girl, you had dead bodies, crazy folks trying to snatch you in broad daylight. Baggage is her putting it nicely.

AC: Hey! I just said that!

Minerva: *Gives Lawrence, Ann and Gwyneth the side-eye* In any case, I never really got discouraged with Lawrence. I did try to leave him because I was afraid something might happen to him. And that almost caused an irreparable rift in our relationship, so to speak.

Lawrence: Yes, I would have to say that was a low point and a point where I was ready to give up. But luckily, we made it past that.

Minerva: I’m so glad we made it past that.

AC: *Tries not to gag while they make cow eyes at each other*

Question four: What is the most surprising thing about each other? The sexiest? The best? What’s the most challenging part of your relationship?

Lawrence: Minerva has been full of surprises from day one! Everything I thought I knew about her was wrong. She ended up being the woman of my dreams and I would have never guessed that. So, that was a surprise. The sexiest and the best thing about her is her smile. Her eyes, I swear they twinkle when she smiles and I love that. She could have anything she wants from me with that smile.

Minerva smiles at him.

Lawrence: Girl… stop playing with me…

AC: Uh, Lawrence—have a little dignity, okay? Stop simpering. Man up.

Lawrence: *Ignores Ann* Wait until we get done with this interview… See, that’s the most challenging part of the relationship now, keeping my hands off of my beautiful fiancé.

AC: I can see that. You might want to give it a *little* more effort, though. At least until we make it through the last questions.

Minerva: For me the sexiest and best thing about him is his strength, his determination and his strength. He is certainly a force of nature. And I mean that in a good way. I think the most challenging thing for me is holding my own and being the woman he deserves.

Lawrence: You’re already more than I deserve.

AC: *Retches*

Minerva smiles again and then laughs softly as Lawrence’s eyes narrow seductively.

AC: *Retches again, then turns to Gwen, desperate for something else to look at*

Question for you, Gwen: what’s next on your writing agenda? What new treats do you have in store for readers?

GB: I’m finishing up Sizzling Seduction, Patrick Hightower’s story. He is the oldest Hightower brother and the last to find love. So you know he has to fall hard!

AC: Yay! The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

GB: Here’s a teaser: Forty-year old Patrick Hightower is used to putting out fires, until he meets cute and spunky single-mom Aisha Miller, the kindergarten teacher who breaks through his shield. The heat that thirty-five-year old Aisha’s presence in his world brings has the firefighter thinking more about starting fires instead of fighting them. Aisha, a former battered woman, has finally managed to finish school, secure a teaching job and a more stable life for herself and her son, seven-year-old Cameron. She isn’t really looking for a man. Too bad the handsome and sexy fireman that she gets to visit her kindergarten class begins to insert himself into her life. Sizzling Seduction is a slow burning love story that steadily rises to an uncontrollable passionate heat. It is a story about trust and learning to love again.

AC: Sounds excit—Lawrence? What are you doing with Minerva’s … never mind. Let’s wrap this up so you two can get out of here while you’re still fully clothed. Minerva—lovely and unusual name! Is there a story there?

Minerva: My mother had a thing for Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. My full name is Minerva Athena Jones. Yes, that’s Minerva and Athena both virgin goddesses of wisdom, war and song. Don’t ask me why my mother named me that twice. I used to go by M. Athena Jones because I really didn’t like the name Minerva. But there is something about the way Lawrence says my name. Man… Let’s just say, I’m proud that very soon I’ll be going by Minerva Hightower.

She holds up her hand and shows the emerald cut rock on her ring finger.

AC: Oh, a sparkly! I love sparklies! *Claps*

Well, that’s it! Thank you all so much for visiting me today! Have a wonderful holiday season! Readers, stop by Gwen's blog and let her know what you think of the interview. She's giving away a copy of LAD at the end of the day!

GB, Lawrence & Minerva: Thanks for having us, Ann. This was fun!