I don’t know about you, but I love a good fictional villain. Hannibal Lecter, anyone? I’m kind of partial to my own villain, drug kingpin Kareem Gregory. I’m sure that those of us who have read the first two books in my Deadly series, Deadly Pursuit and Deadly Desires, can agree on one thing: Kareem Gregory, is not a nice person. His misdeeds drive the entire series.


Is he handsome, charming and sexy? Yeah, sure. Does he appreciate the finer things in life, including expensive cars, lavish homes, fine wine and custom clothes and shoes? Yep. Is he smart? Absolutely. Does he live by a moral code? You betcha.


The only problem? Kareem’s a violent sociopath determined to get what he wants. That moral code he lives by? It’s twisted by his warped vision of himself as a businessman who does what needs to be done in furtherance of his criminal enterprise.


And while he was fun to hang around with while I wrote this series, Kareem chills my blood. I would not want to meet him. Ever.


I have a writer friend who swears, to this day, that I could have rehabilitated him and made him an exciting hero in one of these books.


My answer? Yeah, no thanks. Kareem is evil. He was born that way. Though I love a nice Walter White antihero as much as the next person, I don’t want to tackle the monumental task of making Kareem into a good guy.


It was hard enough to make Kerry Randolph a good guy in Deadly Secrets. 😉


But I had to wonder…what if there’s someone worse out there? Someone who scares Kareem?


As Samuel L. Jackson said in Jurassic Park, “Hold onto your butts,” Dear Readers, while I introduce you to David Martin, aka the Llama—the villain in Deadly Secrets.


Why is he called the Llama? Because of his unfortunate fringed haircut, protuberant eyes, giant teeth and pointy ears. Who is he? Kareem’s business partner and the Miami drug kingpin. He runs Miami, an international hub city for drugs. He has flat eyes and strange proclivities.


Does he chill my blood? Yes!


More importantly, he chills Kareem’s blood.


If he and Kareem ever go head-to-head, who do you suppose will emerge the victor?


Pick up Deadly Secrets on Monday to find out, sports fans. 😉