Fun factoids about Journey’s End:

  • I started writing A Journey’s End (originally called A Journey’s End Christmas, then called A Journey’s End New Year) in 2011-12;
  • My fictional small-town was inspired by an October visit to beautiful Sleepy Hollow for a writer’s conference;
  • While in Sleepy Hollow with writer pals, we visited Kykuit (pronounced ky-cut; Dutch for “lookout”), the spectacular hillside mansion built by John D. Rockefeller;
  • I wanted my town to be in the Hudson River Valley. Also wanted it to be quaint, upscale, touristy and within driving distance of NYC, in case I needed to send some of the characters down there for an adventure;
  • I named the main street DeGroot Avenue because de groot is Dutch for “the big one”;
  • To this day, I can never recall whether it’s DeGroot street or avenue, and need to look it up every time;
  • I originally drew a map of the town because I couldn’t keep track of how far Miranda’s coffee house, Java Nectar, was from James’s outfitter, Big Sky (I’m sure you’ll be knocked on your butts by my artistic skills and stunned by my illegible handwriting);
  • I wanted the town to be welcoming and diverse, anchored by a loving family (the Harpers) with five sexy brothers all in need of wives;
  • I tried to include all the amenities that would make me want to go for a visit and perhaps stay there—forever; and
  • I sometimes wish I could hop a plane and spend the day with the characters there.

So, anyway, as I get ready to drop Unforgettable, Journey’s End #5 on Monday (so excited!), I figured it was time to commission a tourist map so that readers can see what I see. Many thanks to the talented Su at Earthly Charms for her willingness to help bring my vision to life. Let me know if you like the map!