Deadly Desires


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Deadly Desires

Deadly Series, Book 2

A drug kingpin’s vicious crimes spark a DEADLY chain of events…

Deadly Desires

Kareem Gregory couldn’t decide who he wanted to punish first: his wife or his lieutenant.

The bitch. Or the snitch.

Though she fears for her safety, Kira Gregory’s determination to live a better life compels her to leave her husband, the drug kingpin.

Her unlikely ally? Dexter Brady, the fascinating DEA agent who brought Kareem to justice…

If you love edge-of-your-seat suspense, shocking plot twists and passionate romance, pick up a copy of Deadly Desires today!

What the Critics say

RT Top Pick!“Christopher does not disappoint in her second DEA thriller. There's no shortage of heart-stopping action and explosive encounters. ‘Page-turner' is definitely an apt description for this story because the surprises just keep on coming.”
Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“[An] exciting romantic thriller [with a] thrilling conclusion.”Publishers Weekly

“Thrilling. Relentless. Sexy. Romantic suspense for fans of Karen Robards, Lisa Jackson and Karen Rose.” —Eve Silver, National Bestselling Author




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“And I want to be proud of myself. You probably always feel proud of yourself, don’t you, Brady?”

He stared at Kira, thinking of all the times in the past year when she’d come to him for help and he’d questioned her motives and then sent her away, back to the monster who’d made her life a living hell…

Swallowing hard, he prayed he had enough voice left for a coherent sentence and produced only a rough croak. “Not always, no.”

“That’s hard to believe, Brady. What did you do—jaywalk once ten years ago?”

“I’m not real proud of the way I’ve treated you, now that you mention it.”

This was the wrong thing to say, because it made her question his motives. Her expression darkened.
“Is that why you’re here, then? Pity for a crime victim?”

“No,” he said softly, holding her gaze and willing her to see. “That’s not why I’m here.”

He’d accidentally wounded her pride, so it took a couple of long beats for her to switch gears and come up to speed on this subject he hadn’t meant to broach just yet. But now it was here and he wasn’t going to turn away just because the path was twisty and he couldn’t see the end.

He couldn’t turn away.

“Brady,” she said, her eyes widening with slow comprehension. “Are you telling me you like me?”

The utter astonishment in her voice was understandable. Hadn’t he bent over backward, wrenching himself into advanced yoga poses to keep his fierce attraction to her under wraps the whole time he was trying to bring down her husband? Hadn’t this made him surly and gruff around her? Hadn’t he forbidden himself from ever giving her so much as an appreciative glance? And, worst of all, hadn’t he tried to hate her for being married to someone else—the worst possible someone else—when he wanted her so much it threatened to choke the life out of him?

Like you?” he echoed, trying it on for size. “Yeah. Let’s go with that. For now…”