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It's Complicated, Book 2

Career. Family. Romance. It's complicated.

Opposites attract. But can they stick?

Bad boy personal trainer Justus Robinson thrives on hot hookups with easy women.

Brainy lawyer Angela Dennis avoids romance and obsesses about making partner at her firm.

A shocking event throws them together and pits them against each other, making a love match unlikely. Or is it?

Intimacy requires courage because risk is inescapable. —Rollo May

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“What’s wrong?” Justus asked.

“What’s wrong? How dare you sexualize our relationship—” 

“Our relationship was always sexual,” he said tiredly. “It’s been sexual since we laid eyes on each other.”

“We were becoming friends! How can that happen now?”

“The friendship is secondary. I want it, but it’s secondary to the attraction.”

“Yeah? Well how can we still be friends now, genius?”

“We can’t. That’s the point. I can’t be just friends with you. That could never work.”

Angela smacked her forehead. “Well, there I go being stupid again! What would make me think you could be friends with any woman? Coming on to women is like the sneezing reflex to you, isn’t it, Justus? Every now and then you just need to do it. Isn’t that how it works with you?” 

His mouth twisted, and in the back of his jaw, she could see a muscle begin to pulse.

See? He wasn’t even bothering to deny it!

Her voice rose. “And now I’m supposed to feel special because you want me? Coming from you that means nothing! Nothing!”


“That’s like me feeling special every week when the garbage man collects my trash. Why would I feel special when he collects everyone else’s, too?”

He refused to take the bait. “I’ve never wanted to be a woman’s friend. I’ve never wanted anyone else the way I want you. Not even close.”

God, she wanted to believe him. Even worse, she felt herself softening, especially since her body continued to cry out for him with every beat of her idiotic heart. 

“How could you do this?” she asked, incredulous. “How could you come on to me when you know I just got dumped?”

“Is this good timing? No. Was it good timing back when I was seventeen and you were twenty-four? No. I’m not going to pressure you—”

She snorted.

“—I’m going to try not to pressure you, but this is going to happen between you and me. One day soon. I can’t make the stars arrange themselves in a perfect line for you. I can’t make it neat and clean. But you have to know: this is going to happen.”

“You don’t get it, do you? I’m like a walking emotional blister right now. Everything about me hurts.”

He stared at her, his expression softening. “Am I sorry he hurt you? Yes. Do I want to beat the shit out of his little punk ass for it? Yeah. But am I glad he’s out of your life? Hell yeah. It’s time for you and me now.”

“Oh my God,” she said, turning away.

He edged closer.

She stiffened warily.

“When I saw you at the restaurant? I didn’t care about Ron. I didn’t care about Janet. So even if your relationship hadn’t crashed and burned, and even if the accident hadn’t happened, you have to know: I would have found you and come for you.” His jaw hardened. “Nothing would have stopped me.”