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Road To Seduction

The Warner Family, Book 2

The Warner Family

Secrets. Lies. Undeniable Passion.

Billionaire Eric Warner happily anticipates a reunion vacation with Isabella Stevens, his best friend from college. The plan? A relaxing weekend road trip to their classmates’ beach wedding.

Imagine Eric’s shock when he sees Izzy with new eyes and discovers the sexy and unexpectedly complicated woman beneath the girl-next-door exterior.

Rocking the boat by switching from longtime friends to lovers? A risky proposition with the potential to ruin everything. Eric and Izzy know this. But what if the potential for a happily-ever-after far outweighs the risks?

If you love sexy and emotional contemporary romance—especially friends-to-lovers stories—read Road to Seduction today!

What the Critics say

RT Top Pick!“The heroine's turmoil in dealing with a secret from her past and her love for her best friend is so intense it may well bring you to tears. Eric Warner is picking up his best friend, Isabella Stevens, for a road trip from Ohio to Florida for the wedding of two of their college friends. He's completely dazzled by the gorgeous woman, eventually realizing it's Izzy. She's been attracted to him since college but thought she had a better chance of a lasting relationship with him as his friend. Eric is tense, upset and terribly irritable as he deals with his sexual attraction and changing feelings for his best friend. But it's Eric's nephew who forces him to see a new way of dealing with disappointment and family ties.” —Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Read an Excerpt

Whoa, thought Eric Warner. Who was that?

Whoever she was, he wanted her. Bad.

He froze, his hand poised to ring the bell of his friend Isabella Stevens’s apartment in an old baby-blue gingerbread Victorian, and tried to decide what to do about the sexy woman walking up the sidewalk toward him.

Now was not the time for a hook-up with some random passing woman. He knew that. He’d just arrived here, in Cincinnati, to pick up Isabella, spend the night and take her to the Florida wedding of some of their college classmates in the morning. That was the only thing on his agenda for the weekend.

But…damn. Look at her.

She was carrying a couple of plastic bags of groceries and walking a small dog on a leash. Short and lush, with healthy brown thighs and shapely calves rippling her fluttery flowered skirt, she wore one of those strappy tank tops that hugged every ample curve. Dark glasses covered a pretty face and sheets of sleek black hair skimmed her shoulders.

Bottom line: she was a knockout. World-class.

She worked it, too. There was a little extra strut in her step that was probably caused by whatever she was listening to on her iPod, and, seeing the sway of her hips, he thanked God for portable music. Her lips moved and she sang under her breath, in her own world and oblivious to Eric and his X-rated fascination with her mouth. Watching that supple body flow, he felt the curl of an electrifying knot deep in his belly.

Maybe she was a neighbor of Izzy’s… Maybe Izzy could introduce them… No, he couldn’t wait that long… He should go ahead and introduce himself now… No guts, no glory…

Putting his overnight bag down, he moved to the edge of the porch, ready to charm, bribe or beg, whatever he had to do to get inside this delicious woman’s panties at the earliest possible moment.

And that was when she saw him.

Her face broke into a wide, incredible, thrilled grin and something within the obviously malfunctioning gears of his brain lurched into place. Right before his disbelieving eyes the woman shape-shifted or morphed or something and became… No, it couldn’t be… Yes—yes it was…Isabella.

What the—?

Izzy. His best friend. The free spirit who’d been like a sister to him since the day he met her in college seventeen years ago.

The woman he’d never ever lusted after.

Izzy, for God’s sake.

With a sickening twist in his gut, all his erotic fantasies burned red-hot and incinerated in a pretty good impression of a satellite reentering the Earth’s atmosphere, but the mistake wasn’t entirely his fault. She’d lost weight. That was it. And her hair was different. Longer and straighter or something. And he hadn’t seen her in almost a year. He wasn’t a complete lunatic.

“Eric!” Izzy ripped the buds from her ears and ran the last several steps up the walk to him. “You’re early.”


That one lame syllable was all he could manage because this whole scene was way too freaky. His mouth flapped open and closed like a door on a well-oiled hinge, but words continued to fail him. Think, man, THINK. He tried again, but this second attempt at coherent speech produced only a strange gurgle from somewhere in his throat.

Luckily Izzy didn’t seem to notice. With a squeal of excitement, she dropped her bags and launched herself at him in a blur of thrilled dimples and white teeth.

It was the wrong time to touch her, but that didn’t stop Eric from opening his eager arms, catching her and pulling her as close as humanly possible without snapping her ribs like toothpicks.

Her chin hooked over his shoulder, and suddenly she was everything wonderful and familiar—the friend he knew and loved, same as always.

And yet that alarming new sexual awareness was still there, too. He shoved it aside, hard, and tried to ignore it.

God, she felt good.