The Surgeon's Secret Baby


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The Surgeon’s Secret Baby

Sensuality heals. Love cures.

Lia Taylor needs Thomas Bradshaw like she's never needed anyone before. The hunky, super–ambitious Head of Surgery at Hopewell General is the only one who can save her young son. Falling for the seductive surgeon is a prescription for trouble. But there's no cure for her smitten condition once Thomas brands her with his sensual touch.

The scion of a powerful family, Thomas has vowed to devote his life to healing others. Having an affair with the alluring computer wiz and single mother could cost the workaholic doc his career at the prominent, scandal–plagued Virginia hospital. Especially if his explosive secret gets out. But Thomas can't give Lia up. His diagnosis? A future together filled with all the love their hearts can hold…

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“This novel hits all the right romantic notes.”
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When Lia overhears a resident being reprimanded by his superior, she can't help but intervene…

“For God’s sake.” Lia kept her voice loud and clear as she spoke to Dr. Jackass’s departing back. “How are residents supposed to learn when they’re being bullied?”

A ringing silence bloomed like a nuclear explosion, giving her time to wonder if she’d gone too far.

And … yeeeeeaaah. She’d probably gone too far.

Jaws dropped. Heads swiveled in her direction. Wide-eyed looks were exchanged. Even Dr. Dudley raised his brows and gave her an Are you crazy? glance.

She waited with a growing sense of foreboding.

The bully paused, cocked his head as though he wanted to make sure he’d heard right, and then wheeled around, facing her for the first time. His attention zeroed in on her, the big mouth, and she’d almost swear that everyone else ducked and scurried away so as not to be caught in the upcoming path of destruction. In that pregnant moment, she had a wild image of the indigenous people tying Ann Darrow to her sacrificial post and then sprinting back to the other side of that primitive gate, where it was safe from a rampaging King Kong.

Only this was no King Kong. Not by a long shot.

Oh, man. The breath leaked out of her lungs in one quick whoosh, and she found herself caught in the fierce gaze from a pair of furious but extraordinary brown eyes. He had long lashes and slashing brows that showcased a burning intensity and a keen intelligence. His dark skin was flushed. One edge of his full lips pulled back in a disbelieving sneer that revealed a hint of both white teeth and a bracket of what would be dimples if and when he ever smiled.

He was, in a word, stunning.

Shock hit Lia like the leather thong of a cracked whip.

In two long strides he was on her, right in her face. “What did you say to me?”

Locking her knees in place, Lia stood up to him because no one else had. “I said that if a student isn’t learning, it’s generally the teacher’s fault.”

A collective gasp, quickly stifled, rippled through the crowd of avid onlookers, all of whom were probably wishing they had an ICEE and a large side of buttered popcorn to go along with the show.

His eyes—his unforgettably amazing eyes—widened with shock, probably because no one had challenged his arrogance in the last decade or so. Recovering quickly, he looked her up and down with cool disdain.

“Are you a licensed physician?”

“No,” she admitted.

Triumph gleamed in his expression. “Then you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, do you?”

With that, he gave Dudley a curt nod and strode off, sucking all the air out of the area with him. His departing back posed a real challenge to her—she wanted to hurl just the right comeback and prevent him from having the last word—but her mouth was dry and her brain was empty.

Best to just leave well enough alone. For now.

“In case you were interested,” Dr. Dudley told Lia, flashing her an amused grin, “that was Dr. Bradshaw. The youngest ever head of surgery here and the best we’ve got.”

Oh, she knew who he was…