I've got a new interview posted over at Urban Reviews, so I hope you'll check it out when you have time. They also gave Road to Seduction a 5-book rating, calling it “wonderfully written.” Here's the full review.

Isabella Stevens has always known that her best friend Eric Warner was the man for her. There was only one problem…up until this point, Eric did not see Izzy as a “woman.” Isabella was fine with the way things were because Eric was a confirmed playboy who was not looking for a commitment. That is until he “discovers” Isabella. He is fighting with everything in him not to want her, but it's too late. Isabella however does not care what Eric wants because she refuses to give her heart to another man. However, Eric is a very persistent man. Once Izzy realizes that he has always had her heart, she now has to protect his heart from her. Izzy has a secret that not even Eric knows, one that could cause her to lose everything.

Road To Seduction is a wonderfully written book that flows without having any lags in the storyline. The characters in the book are great, and they come off as very believable. Christopher's writing style is easy to read and it draws you into the story. You find yourself going through all of the emotions with the characters. Christopher also does an excellent job of incorporating that realistic everyday relationship humor which makes the story more enjoyable.