Call me twisted, but I really like putting my fictional lovers through the emotional wringer. My favorites scenes to write? The ones where they blow up at each other, finally saying everything they’ve been holding back and trying not to face all this time. The ones where they let their repressed feelings out and suffer the consequences.


I’ve written some heart-wringing books in my day. The kind where I say to myself, “Self, maybe that’s too much. Maybe you shouldn’t do that to your characters.” And then I always go ahead and do it anyway. 😉 I’m thinking of Risk. Sweeter Than Revenge. Tender Secrets. Redemption’s Kiss. It’s probably no accident that two of those stories feature lost loves trying to make their way back to each other. What could be more challenging—or more rewarding?


And that brings me to Unforgettable.


Daniel and Zoya have been apart for fourteen years. They were wildly, passionately in love in college. One day they had a big blow-up, then never saw each other again.


Until now.


They hoped they were over it.


They weren’t.


Can they ever move on and love each other again?


Oh, I think so.


Once I get through with them. 😉


Unforgettable was tremendously hard to write. Also tremendously satisfying.


I hope you agree.