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Sinful Attraction

The Davies Family Book 3

The Davies Family, Book 3

The Davies Family

Power. Secrets. Seduction.

New York billionaire Marcus Davies heads to Jackson Hole planning to land a lucrative deal for his auction house. He also wants a routine flight and a silent row mate. 

Imagine his surprise when he finds himself seated next to Claudia Montgomery, a fascinating and spicy Brit with her own agenda.

What happens when strangers on a plane generate this kind of chemistry? Buckle your seat belts for a bumpy ride…

If you love hot and emotional contemporary romance, grab Sinful Attraction today!

Book 1: SINFUL SEDUCTION (Sandro & Skylar)

Book 2: SINFUL TEMPTATION (Tony & Talia)

Book 3: SINFUL ATTRACTION (Marcus & Claudia)

Book 4: SINFUL PARADISE (Cooper & Gloria)

What the Critics say

“The chemistry between the leads will thrill readers.”
Romantic Times BOOKreviews

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Marcus meets his match while boarding a flight to Jackson Hole…

Someone elbowed him in the kidney from behind, causing him to drop his driver’s license and wince in pain. “Hey!” he said.

“Sorry, buddy.” A huge guy who looked like he had the juice to be a sumo wrestler eased out of his seat and into the aisle, clapping Marcus on the back as he went. “I gotta go before they turn the seatbelt light on, you know?”

Marcus worked up a don’t-worry-about-it smile. “When you gotta go, you gotta go.”

“Ain’t that the truth?”

Chuckling, the guy headed for the restroom, leaving Marcus to try to locate his driver’s license. Stooping, he peered around at the dark floor until he saw a telltale plastic rectangle. The thing was, naturally, halfway under an occupied seat. This, naturally, meant that he had to drop to his knees―so much for his perfectly creased black wool slacks, eh?—and reach for it.

That was when he saw them.

A pair of long and shapely legs stretched out in front of him.

Confronted with a pair of sexy legs at eye level, what else could a man do but stare and thank God for the view?

These particular legs were crossed at the knees and encased in a pair of those sheer black tights with a lacy crisscrossing pattern. Since he was a leg man, this sight alone was enough to empty out his head and make his skin tingle. But there was more. She was wearing a pair of pointy black Christian Louboutin heels―he recognized the red soles―that had probably come directly from some Paris runway and cost a thousand dollars or so.

Yeah, he knew his fashion. Men’s and women’s.

He also knew a world-class set of pins when he saw one.

“I’d better call you back, love,” said the woman, and it came as no surprise that her voice was throaty and amused, as blatantly sexy as her legs. What did surprise Marcus was the cultured and vaguely bored British accent, as though she—and a long line of her ancestors—were regularly invited to Buckingham Palace for tea with the queen and said event was nothing to get worked up about. “Yes,” she said to the other person on the line, “a man’s just dropped to his knees before me, so I assume he’s about to propose. Or perhaps he needs medical assistance. So I’ll ring you back when we land. Love you, too. Goodbye.”

Marcus, who was beginning to experience a dizzying sensation between his ears, as though someone had clanged his head with a pair of cymbals, stood in time to see her click a button on her phone, lower it and glance up at him….

Wow, he thought, swallowing hard and trying to get a grip on himself.

Her eyes were frankly appraising and crinkled at the corners with silent laughter, as though she knew exactly the way his pulse thudded and his blood heated at the sight of her. Her nose was straight, her cheekbones high. Her lush mouth curled with wicked secrets he wished she would whisper in his ear one delicious night as they twined their bodies together on satin sheets.

And her body…

His gaze drifted lower, in a swift once-over as discreet as he could make it.

She seemed to favor black, like he did, and was dressed in a tailored leather jacket and the female version of his starched button-down shirt. All similarities ended there. A perfect hourglass from what he could see, she wore a wide belt that emphasized a tiny waist and thrillingly curvy hips. There was, he now realized, a slit in her black skirt that revealed a long stretch of thigh and—his belly swooped with excitement—the lacy tops of her tights and a garter belt’s black strap.

As he glanced back up the length of her body, his attention snagged on her cleavage and the glittering gold chain that disappeared in the valley between her spectacular breasts. Said breasts were restrained behind her shirt and inside the lacy cups of a black bra but seemed determined to escape. A hazard to be expected, he supposed, when you left the top three or four buttons undone and were built like that.

“Oh, dear,” she murmured in that voice that danced over his skin like the velvet touch of a feather duster.

Remembering himself, he snapped his gaze back to her eyes.

“I thought you were determined to look up my skirt before.” She stared him in the face, unblinking and unabashed.

“But now it seems you’re much more interested in staring at my bosom. Not very gentlemanly, is it?”

He bowed his head. “I’m sorry.”

“Are you?”

He kept the slow grin off his face, but only just. He couldn’t remember when he’d been this intrigued. A beautiful woman was one thing, but a beautiful woman who was also smart, direct and had a scathing sense of humor? He felt as though he’d been gifted with a handful of flawless rubies.

“Am I really sorry?” he replied. “Not really. It’s a very fine bosom.”

Several beats passed, during which her color rose, her eyes narrowed and the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed sped up a telltale amount. He couldn’t tell whether she wanted to hit him or screw him, but either option would be fine with him.

Anything that showed he affected her as strongly as she affected him would be perfectly fine with him.
She blinked first. Flicking her manicured hand the way she might shoo a persistent fly, she tried to shuttle him on his way. “Don’t let me keep you. We’ll be departing soon.”

“Oh, you’re not keeping me,” he said, double-checking his boarding pass. “This is my row, too.”