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Sinful Paradise

The Davies Family Book 4

The Davies Family, Book 4

The Davies Family

Power. Secrets. Seduction.

Following their single meeting several weeks ago, New York billionaire Cooper Davies finds it increasingly difficult to keep his mind off Gloria Adams, an intriguing plastic surgeon. Tonight’s gala party provides just the opportunity he needs to explore his simmering attraction to her.

But beautiful Gloria guards her secrets almost as closely as she protects her heart.

Unexpected events conspire to throw Cooper and Gloria together tonight. But what about tomorrow?

If you love sexy and emotional interracial contemporary romance, read Sinful Paradise today!

Book 1: SINFUL SEDUCTION (Sandro & Skylar)

Book 2: SINFUL TEMPTATION (Tony & Talia)

Book 3: SINFUL ATTRACTION (Marcus & Claudia)

Book 4: SINFUL PARADISE (Cooper & Gloria)

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Ever wonder what happened the night Cooper took Gloria home from the gala? You're about to find out…

“Are you a daddy, Cooper?”

“Not yet. It’s high on my list, though. I’m not getting any younger.”

One of her brows arched. “Who is?”

Here in their private world, he felt as if he should tell her a few things about himself—the kinds of things he normally skimmed over when dating someone new. “I got married right out of college. Lasted a couple years. People call them starter marriages now, but that’s not how I saw it.”

“What happened?”

“She didn’t want kids. Or anything else that interfered with her social life and me time.” He paused. “Which meant she didn’t really want a husband.”

“That’s funny.” Her lips curled into a bleak smile. “My starter marriage ended because my husband didn’t see why he needed to stop screwing other women.”

“We sure can pick ’em, eh?”

“Yeah,” she said. Something closed off in her expression as she turned back to her window and stared fixedly out of it. “We sure can.”

That should have been a good time to keep quiet, but some elusive yet insistent impulse spurred him on. “We need to do much better next time, don’t we, Gloria?”

She didn’t answer.

The car finally pulled away from the curb and into the heavy traffic. Cooper rested an elbow on his window and stared at the passing buildings, his entire being divided into two halves. One half reveled in the long stretch of Gloria’s shapely legs, right there within touching distance. He could sense the solid warmth of her body—she smelled like some exotic tropical flower with a mouthwatering hint of coconut thrown in—and the slow rise and fall of her small breasts as she breathed. His other half wondered what had happened tonight to deepen her mistrust of men—Learn from my mistakes, she’d told her sister. He decided that she’d damn sure learn to trust him.

Which made no sense, right?

Because this was good news, wasn’t it? She didn’t trust men; ergo, she wasn’t living with someone or engaged and was therefore free to hook up with Cooper. Trust, he knew from long experience, was of marginal importance when it came to hookups. Sure, you had to trust your partner to practice safe sex and give you a few orgasms, but beyond that, who the hell cared? He’d had some of the best sex of his life in situations where trust never even crossed his mind. Things like flexibility, endurance and willingness to experiment had been far more important to him.

And now…

“Why’d you leave your own party to take me home?” Gloria asked, startling him.

He turned to face her, caught in the bright gleam of her eyes and the throatiness of her voice. It took him a couple of long beats to speak, during which she shifted restlessly, uncrossing and recrossing her legs.

“I wanted to make sure you got home safe,” he finally said.

Her lips thinned as though she’d expected him to have more faith in her. “I’m a grown woman and a lifelong New Yorker. What could happen?”

He gave her a lingering once-over that was, when he thought about it later, pretty blatant. “With you? Upset and crying? In that dress?” He shook his head, muttering darkly. “Sky’s the limit.”

She smiled crookedly and gave her chin a defiant hitch. “True. But it’s my sky and my limit.”

He stared at her, irritated and not liking the sound of that. “Since you’re not so hot at looking after yourself at the moment, consider me a volunteer to do it for you.”

“And why would you do that?” she demanded.

“Because I want to.”