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Sinful Seduction

The Davies Family Book 1

The Davies Family, Book 1

The Davies Family

Power. Secrets. Seduction.

Just home from the war, billionaire former soldier Alessandro Davies craves the solitude of his Hamptons estate as he mourns his fallen twin.

The last thing he needs? An unexpected visit from beautiful veterinarian Skylar Lawrence, his dead brother’s former fiancée.

Sandro remains determined to honor his brother’s memory. But what happens when his forbidden passion for Skylar flares one dark and stormy night?

If you enjoy sexy and emotional contemporary romance novels—especially when they include love triangles—grab Sinful Seduction today!

The Davies Family Contemporary Romance Series

Book 1: SINFUL SEDUCTION (Sandro & Skylar)

Book 2: SINFUL TEMPTATION (Tony & Talia)

Book 3: SINFUL ATTRACTION (Marcus & Claudia)

Book 4: SINFUL PARADISE (Cooper & Gloria)

What the Critics say

“Touching and fiery.”
Romantic Times BOOKreviews

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Skylar's gaze flickered back to the picture of Tony. He seemed to be watching her, possibly accusing her with that hard soldier's stare of his, and it made her uncomfortable enough to look away.

Sandro, naturally, noticed. “You miss him.”

It wasn't a question, which was good because she didn't have an answer. “You're angry with him. Probably because he died. Am I right?”

Sandro stilled. It seemed to be a habit of his—being still. She was starting to think of these pregnant pauses as a mechanism he used to wrestle his emotions back under control and get them on lockdown.

To her surprise, he opened the door a tiny crack, letting her see inside for once.

“You're assuming I only have one reason to be angry at my brother.”

She hesitated and then decided to press her luck. He wouldn't hit an invalid, surely. “Are you going to tell me?”


Deflated, she watched as he came to the table and handed her the glass of water he'd been force-feeding her all night. “Drink. And then go back to sleep. The sun's not even up yet.”

She complied, but only because she was too groggy to do anything else. When she'd laid back against the pillows, he adjusted the blankets over her, taking care to cover her arms while making sure her mouth and weren't blocked.

Sandro Davies was, she thought, an intriguing study in contrasts. Very cold, but occasionally hot. Gruff, but tender. A twin, but no other man she'd ever met.

She fought the exhaustion as best she could, wanting to watch the implacable features on his downturned face and see if he betrayed any feeling, even by accident. Because she knew the feelings were in there. He was like a two-liter bottle of soda, well shaken. Under control for now, but just wait until that lid came off.

“You're staring,” he observed, his attention still focused on the blankets.

“I can't help it.”

“What do you see?”

“Not Tony.”